Carla Maria Russo

Waiting for Lola

Against a background of the toughest years of the Second World War in a grey and desolate Milan, despite the bombings, the massacres, the dead bodies left to rot in the streets, a miraculous and tenacious love affair is born, destined to bring its two young protagonists, Mara Bonfanti, beautiful, elegant and well-born, and Mario Canevari, a steel worker, moments of incredible joy and moments of excruciating sadness. Their daughter is abandoned to her fate the minute she is born and Mara’s mother, not to mention social convention, will force her to marry General Pepe, a much older man and a high-ranking official in the Ettore Muti Fascist Brigade. When General Pepe is found dead at home one morning, Mara confesses to being guilty of his murder and is condemned to a life sentence in prison. Eighteen years later, an anonymous letter causes a forgotten past to resurface, throwing a new and totally unexpected light on those long-ago events. A heart-warming and thrilling novel that minutely and accurately reconstructs a city, an era and the psychological make-up of its characters, all of differing social extraction yet all of the same tragic stature. A novel in which everybody pays the price of the historic time in which their lives have been destined to play out and the self-centredness that every war generates, making victims and executioners of its protagonists.

Waiting for Lola is the English ebook version of Lola nascerà a diciott’anni, a novel by Carla Maria Russo which has been extremely well-received by readers and critics alike over the years. Translated by Bridget Mason, the ebook is for foreign readers or for those attracted by new technologies.

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Waiting for Lola è la versione in ebook e in lingua inglese di Lola nascerà a diciott’anni. Dopo il grande successo di critica e pubblico ricevuto in questi anni, il best seller di Carla Maria Russo è presentato in una versione innovativa per venire incontro ad un pubblico straniero ed attento alle nuove tecnologie.

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Waiting for Lola